Monday, December 28, 2020

Playing Games Is Important For Me Said Haines

Luke Haines, who is on loan from Swindon, played in Hereford's back four this afternoon at Leamington. Afterwards to spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"It was a different type of game to what it was on Saturday," said Haines.

"We like to play and get the ball down but today it was a bit more direct because of the pitch which was not as good as ours.

"We got the clean sheet and you would take a point away from home in a game like this. I think Leamington will be alright this year.

"I think they knew that we like to play but with the small pitch sometimes we had to change our game and go a bit more direct.

"We would have taken a 0-0 before the game because of a different situation to that which we are usually in."

How often have you played centre-back?

"One year at centre-back for Swindon Youth team. I can play anywhere in defence because I've always been quite a defensive player and I've had to play in different positions for Swindon coming through the academy so I've learnt to be versatile around the pitch.

"It's great to be back (at Hereford). Playing games is important for me.To do it at a good club under Josh who is and will be a good manager is good.

"He plays the way I like to play so playing under him is a dream really.

Haines sometimes gets at the referee.

"That's something I need to work on because it will get me into trouble one day but I'm very competitive, I like to win games.

"If things aren't going my way I let the first few go a bit. If they come in repetative you like to let people know that they are not doing their job right.

"Players want to be protected. There were a few tackles today, a couple on me, one on Cammy, one on Giles where it could have led to a lot worse than it did. People were lucky to get away with a few tackles so you've got to let them know.

"You don't want them to settle it down after someones been hurt, it needs to be stamped quick otherwise there could be carnage.

"I think the referee let quite a lot go which is quite rare. 

"On the pitch you like to make sure everyone is steady because people use the excuse I slipped but people won't start slipping if you start handing out the cards.

"It is difficult for them because they have to watch a lot of things going on and 22 players but they do alright."

Haines was asked by Keith Hall about the spirit in the dressing room.

"We've got a good click around to be fair.

"Everyone gets along, there are no groups, no divide in the team and it's starting to show on the pitch a lot. 

"We have a lot of banter which I think is key as well. We are all on the same wavelength."