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Saturday, May 16, 2020

From The Archives - Next Season Will Be Difficult


It's back to May 2013 for this archive article. Martin Foyle was manager of Hereford United and he spoke cautiously about the next season.

Next Season Will Be Difficult Says Foyle

As reported yesterday on BN, Hereford United manager Martin Foyle is back at work after his holiday. He has admitted that the coming season will be very difficult with a much smaller budget but has vowed to do the best he can.

Six weeks ago he was given a budget for next season and so started to look at players who might be worth a trial.
However yesterday there was a board meeting and Foyle was given some disappointing news.

"The budget has changed again," Foyle told Bulls Player.

"That's the bit I probably found hard because all that work I've done, all those players are probably out of my reach now.

"We are going into a little bit of the unknown."

Foyle expects plenty of players at pre-season trials.

"Players will come in and out the doors, left, right and centre.

"We've got to be very very patience as a club.

"Last year was hard but I did know the second year would be harder but not as hard as this.

"Someone did say to me the other day - by the way you've got the hardest job in the Conference next year.

"I looked at him and thought spot on but it's a challenge and me and (Andy) Porter are certainly up for it."

Foyle is looking for any supporters who might be able to help with accomodation for on-trial players especially in July.

And he also mentioned the strong season ticket sales and how that revenue will help the club.

"We've got to pay the VAT bill and the PAYE and the football creditors because if we don't pay them by a certain date then we will get a transfer embargo on us again.

"We don't want that over us again.

"Please keep buying those early season tickets as it does help."

To end with Foyle returned to the budget.

"It was very very inflated two and three seasons ago for what Hereford United were.

"I know how Graham (Turner) worked, he kept a tight ship and a lot of loan players.

"The chairman (David Keyte) and directors came in and put a lot of money in. We certainly know it's been tough for them.

"But there's a level and I think supporters have got to realise now that we are on our knees but we saved so much last year, can we do it again this year.

"This is the year that could put us under pressure a little bit, hopefully we'll get around it."