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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Police Estimate 1000 Hereford Supporters At Chester On Monday

Cheshire Police have estimated that 1000 Hereford supporters will travel to the Deva Stadium next Monday according to a report on ChesterLive

Chester FC feel 800 is a more realistic figure especially given that figure came from Hereford FC.

Whatever the figure as usual at Chester supporters will be segregated. 

The game is not all ticket and Hereford fans will be housed in the South Stand and Swettenhams Chemists Stand.

However for this game at the request of the police no alcohol will be allowed inside the Stadium. 

Since the trouble outside Edgar Street last March when a few Stockport and Hereford supporters clashed, the West Mercia Police appear to have been taking a lot of interest in Hereford's away following.

For example two police spotters were said to have been at King's Lynn recently and supporters were segregated at Blyth last Saturday.