Wednesday, October 20, 2021

When Will Pearce Be Fit?


Krystian Pearce is back training but unlikely to start at Alfreton next Saturday. He didn't take any part in last night's HFA Cup tie against Bromyard whereas a number of other players, such as Luke Haines, who had been out with injuries, had some minutes.

Interviewed by Ben Goddard, manager Josh Gowling was asked if Pearce was being kept under wraps.

"In the cotton wool you mean with bubble wraps and a box," said Gowling.

"He's stepped up his training a lot, he did sprinting and stuff on Monday. Thursday he'll be back into training.

"Hopefully we'll start progressing him now in time to get him back for league games."

Pearce's signing was announced at the Telford away game on August 30th. Since then he has played just 20 minutes for the Bulls which was at Lymington in the FA Cup game.

And it was later revealed that Pearce was carrying an injury when signed.

It's understood Pearce is on contract. How much he is being paid is open to debate but suggestions of around £600 per week may not be too far off the mark.

With the benefit of hindsight it begs the question whether that money would have been better put towards paying a striker?