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Sunday, September 13, 2020

We Need Some Strikers Said Gowling After 2-0 Defeat At Weston

Hereford FC manager Josh Gowling admitted that he needed some strikers after yesterday's 2-0 defeat at Weston super Mare.

Two trialists who are midfielders started as strikers for the Bulls. Late in the game youngster Toby Raison went up front. 

Both the club's strikers are currently unfit.

"We need some strikers for a start," Gowling told the local media. 

"We played two centre-mids up top so that didn't help.

"You look at the team and we've got six players out injuried so didn't help.

"We know we have got a lot of work to do. We're not a Boston or a Gloucester. We haven't got loads of money so we can't just pick the best players. We're not in that position.

"So we have to look at trialists and try to take the best players that don't have clubs and have come in to prove themselves. That's where we are at as a football club at the moment.

"I'm happy with what we have got and we will get more.

"Some trialists have been here from day one and there's more than a couple who have come in during the last couple of weeks. There's a couple I have been impressed with and we may look at doing something with and there's a couple who will move on."

Gowling hinted that the more season tickets that are sold will help him bring in players.

"Season ticket sales have helped, the fact that the fans have been tremendous buying season tickets helps, hopefully I'll get some of that money.

"We've had options from the start really, but at the end of the day it comes down to do lads won't to come down to this level or do they want to wait for a National League club, do they won't to wait for a Football League club.

"The Football League started today so those lads will start filtering down so you would like to think we will pick up a few more over the next couple of weeks." 

So what about the injuried players?

"The majority of the lads will be back training on Monday.

"The reason we've not put them in is because a niggle turns into a tear which turns into two or three months. So with our budget, the way we have got to be with it, is make sure we really look after the players.

"They are on the way back but we've got to be really careful with them to make sure they are right."