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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Gowling Might Have To Register As A Player

Speaking after today's friendly at Weston, Hereford FC manager Josh Gowling said he might have to register as a player to ensure he has enough names on his list.

"I think I might have to, to be fair," said Gowling.

"I think we have to register 16 players by next week so I might have to.

"I joined in training on Thursday because we needed an extra body. 

"But my body is sore today!"

Gowling was asked about Toby Raison who played as a striker when he came on this afternoon.

"I've spoke about Toby a lot.

"I think the player he is now to the player he was pre-lockdown is chalk and cheese.

"He's worked hard, he studied, he's always asking questions especially to the older pros and he's come back a real different player. I'm really impressed with his attitude.

"Young lads these days nowadays don't always have the best attitudes, some do of course, but Toby is an exception.

"He wants to learn, he wants to do well, he wants to be at the club, he's knocking on the door constantly, ringing my phone saying when can I come in, he's been brilliant.

"He's come in, he's worked hard, he's played, even today he's played upfront, he doesn't care he wants to play football and be a credit to the football club."