Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Beadle Frustrated Hereford Didn't Take Their Chances

Speaking after the goalless draw at Nuneaton Borough on Tuesday evening, Hereford manager Pete Beadle said that Saturday's game tired some of his players out, but was disappointed that they didn't capitalise on their domination in the first half.

He says Nuneaton are a full-time outfit who were never going to let the Bulls dominate the second half like they did the first.

"We've played a full-time team and I think that showed in the second half certainly as the game wore on," Beadle told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"They still looked fairly strong whereas we had one or two that tired. There was a lot of emotion on Saturday with a home game, new league that drained one or two in the heat. We've come here tonight and first half totally dominated the game, but there was no way they were going to come out second half and let us do the same that we did first half.

"We knew they were going to step the tempo up, a little bit disappointed that we didn't control that a little bit better, or didn't handle that a little bit better than what we did.

"Martin [Horsell] hasn't had a save to make, we've just asked him now how many saves and he's said not one. We're a little disappointed that we didn't make the most of our chances first half with our possession, but a clean sheet and four points on the board, we're happy.

"We looked fairly solid throughout the same even though they upped the energy a little bit I'd say it was 50/50 second half but we're frustrated that we didn't take our chance first half where we had so much domination."

The long grass at the Liberty Way Stadium didn't suit Hereford's natural passing play, but Beadle was pleased with his side's ability to adapt to the surface.

"We want to play nice and slick, the pitch is good but the grass is very long so it slowed it down little bit at times," Beadle added.

"I thought we totally dominated first half in the way we played, I thought we mixed it up great where we went a little bit longer or big diagonally, but when we got it down on the floor we moved it really well. 

"We had a couple of half chances, we didn't really create what I'd call a clear cut chance so that's why it's disappointing because we had so much possession and we really stretched the and moved it around the pitch."