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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Beadle's Not Looking For Another Striker

Hereford manager Pete Beadle says he's not looking at bringing in another striker, despite some fans questioning if there's a prolific striker in his side.

Beadle says unless someone with 70 Premier League games under their belt comes along, he's probably okay.

Beadle said: You look at the front four that played the first half, then you've got the other two that have come on second half, do we really need another forward? Unless this lad comes to us from an agent and it's like 70 games in the Premier League, we're probably not going to take a look at him, we're probably okay.

"Normally if it's someone we've been and watched and someone we're trying to bring into the club, we wouldn't necessarily bring them in on a trial, we'd sign them. But this comes through people ringing up, sending in CVs or agents getting in touch and things like that.

"We have hundreds through the summer, we do a lot of homework on their backgrounds, where they've been and what type of player they are. A lot of it comes down to what they might want financially as well because we need to keep an eye on that. We try to be as helpful as we can to players to give them a chance, but it's difficult when you have so many come through all the time.

"We have to try and sift through as many as we can as quickly as we can, and we've got to do our homework on them through the summer and try and find out a little bit more about them, speak to people that maybe know them, look at their records as in how many games have they played in the last two or three seasons because some come to us where they've had a long term injury and they've been out for a while, so we go through things like that before bringing them in."

Beadle's not looking for any more trialists, but one of the four who played a part in the game at Pegasus yesterday was Australian-born Serbian keeper Marko Radovanovic. He's been around the Australian A-League but is now looking for a club in the UK.

"He's been over here a little while and he's had a spell at Torquay, training at Torquay just trying to find himself a club," Beadle added.

"Basically we knew after Will [Puddy] leaving, we knew Martin [Horsell] was going to be away, we needed a keeper. An agent got in touch and said look, I've got this lad, so he's come in, he's trained and done particularly well. Obviously wasn't hugely tested, but he'll have another 45 minutes on Tuesday.

"I don't think anymore will be coming in now, we've got to give these boys a chance. If people are asking what we're looking for, we're probably looking for another goalkeeper and a centre-half so that's where we're looking at. The two boys who played in midfield second half did it very well, obviously we'll give those another chance on Tuesday and have another look at them."

Another trialist, 26-year-old Lee Lucas, spent 15 years at Swansea City after joining their youth set- up when he was eight. After being released in 2016, he signed a short-term contract with Motherwell in the Scottish Premiership.

"Lee was at Swansea, Lee was there for a good number of years and I think played a couple of games maybe. He then went off to Scotland I think and played in Scotland for a little while.

"He didn't play much at the back end of last season so still trying to find his feet a little bit, but I thought he did okay."