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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Another Signing Yet To Be Announced Said Beadle

Pete Beadle has spoken to the official Hereford YouTube channel about the forthcoming season.

Hereford's manager spoke about the fresh faces he's brought into the side and said there's another signing yet to be announced.

Beadle said: "It's always a tough summer when you're battling for players and hoping to bring the right ones in, hoping you've got the right ones with the right characters.

"I think we've done that, we've proven over the past three years that our recruitment has been pretty good. We've gone a little bit different this year, we've gone a little bit younger, with a little bit more potential, and a little bit hungrier maybe, because of the level we are going into, we're happy and we can't wait to get going."

Beadle has said before that new signing Callum Sainty was someone he'd been interested in for some time, and he'd tried to bring Lewis Hall in last season.

"Callum's been on our radar for the last nine months, through last season and Kieran [Thomas] I've known about for a long time anyway. Lewis [Hall] we spoke to Gloucester last year about because we were trying to solve our left-back issue, but they obviously didn't want to let Lewis go so we just kept an eye on what he was doing.

"Harry [White] was something that came to us towards the end of last season, we did quite a bit of homework on him before we decided to speak to him.

"Then there's one other yet to be announced, but it's someone we've gone for before. They're all players that we feel can bring certain attributes, and when you bring them into the group will make it stronger again and that's what we're looking to do next season."

Beadle said he's still on the lookout for another goalkeeper and another centre-half, and he's waiting for a call to ask about Dara O'Shea returning.

"We've spoken to a couple of people but for one reason or another it hasn't worked out, logistically, financially, bits and bobs," Beadle told interviewer Keith Hall.

"What I've said about the squad this year it's extremely versatile and there's lots of players in that group that can play a multitude of positions. We're not in any rush or desperate state to take another centre-half, we'll do that when either when the right one comes along or when we feel we need an out-and-out centre-hall we may need to take one on loan.

"We'd love to have Dara [O'Shea] back and I'm waiting for a call back from Darran to ask exactly that question. We'll wait and see, at the moment we're not desperate."