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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Beadle Threatens Changes After Poor Defending At Kings Langley

After Hereford's 3-3 draw at Kings Langley, manager Peter Beadle spoke to the media.

"We thought it was dead and buried," said Beadle.

"But we were gifted goals and got ourselves back into the game. We got ourselves in a great position then threw it away."

Langley went 2-0 ahead before Hereford hit back with three goals in quick succession but Langley equalised late in added time.

"I've protected the players for two years now but the two centre-halves and Martin between the three of them were way off where they need to be because no disrespect to Langley they played well today and as we would expect them to they gave everything they've got.

"But they shouldn't have been 2-0 up against us and they shouldn't have got back in the game when we were 3-2 up.

"Pabs get caught on the first goal down the side, when the ball comes in Jack dangles a leg at it and the lad gets the rebound and finishes it off.

"Second goal, Martin gets the ball back under no pressure whatsoever, fires it at Mark. Mark doesn't control it and kicks it out for a throw in and they score from the throw in and we had no pressure on us.

"And if we can't cope with that we're not good enough to be here.

"Third goal, big ball to the back stick and the centre forward is unmarked. Two big 6ft 3 centre halves and he gets in between both of them. No one takes responsibility and picks him up and he heads it in.

"It's not good enough and I've just told them.

"If I can make changes before Tuesday I will do."

Hereford had most of the possession in both halves of the game.

"For the duration of the game in possession we didn't do bad, last 25 minutes of the first half I thought we played really well and for most of the second half we played really well.

"The chances they had were from our mistakes. Jack gets twisted up in the corner and the lad goes through one on one. Jack's played Football League football. He shouldn't be getting beat that easily.

"You can do everything you can but if players can't do the basics they are going to get found out. And today we didn't do the basics very well between the three at the back, the two centre halves and the keeper. And Symo offered us nothing upfront.

"We need to be better than that and I don't know where it's come from because pre-season we played some great games and played better opposition in higher leagues and we've come out of it with flying colours but today for whatever reason we were not at it."

Despite Beadle saying he wasn't fit just a day or day ago, Jamie Molyneux came on in the second half and his introduction along with John Mills seemed to lift the performance.

"He did well when he came out but we've got no-one else. Lance has broken his toe, Ryan is suspended, Mike and Rob are both injuried. So we're short of numbers.

"So we had to put him on the bench, Bradley Williams was on the bench and he hasn't played a game at all pre-season. That's all we're down to.

"But we still had enough to win that game today.

"We got to 3-2 up and we should have seen the game out.

"If we defend like schoolboys, we'll get punished like schoolboys. And today we defended like schoolboys."