Next Game: Preseason Friendly - Evesham Away on Tuesday 17th July at 7.45pm

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Beadle Looks For One Or Two New Faces.

After today's draw at Kings Langley, Hereford face Tiverton on Tuesday and then Slough next Saturday. But manager Peter Beadle wasn't happy with some of his players this afternoon and is threatening to bring in some new faces.

"It was always going to be a difficult start to the season," said Beadle.

"It was a three and a half hour journey to get here on the bus, so that was always going to be tough.

"And we know the circus that follows us in that everyone wants to do well against us because it's us. But that shouldn't be a surprise to anybody.

"We were more than good enough to win that game today and we didn't.

"I've just said to them in there if they play like that on Tuesday and Saturday it's going to be a cricket score.

"There's nothing I can do about it as it comes down to the individual and how they prepare and go about their game.

"People can moan about players who are playing and players who are not playing.

"At the end of the day they are the same players we had last year and have played fantastically well in pre-season.

"And as I said I'll always back them but today I can't defend them.

"Who would pick a different team apart from one person, how much different would the team be you pick and how much choice did we have in the matter. We didn't have much choice because of the injuries we've got. 

"But I was more than happy with what we had, they were good enough to win the game as it proved to be at one point. "

Beadle was asked if Ryan Green would start on Tuesday.

"Maybe, but if I get the opportunity to make one or two changes for Tuesday I will do.

"Bring one of two different players in let one or two go if need be.

"We've been very fortunate that we've worked very hard to get through the two leagues already and I'm not prepared to settle for a year of sustainability and see what the league is like.

"I want to win it. I want to go up again.

"And if the players don't match that ambition then they'll be gone because I can't wait for them."

Asked if there were players lined up to come in Beadle said 'No'. 

"Players keep turning us down all the time because of the size of the club we are. We don't pay the salaries people think we pay and players are scared to come and play for us because of the expectations.

"So it's really difficult to recruit players. Far more difficult than people imagine but we're working hard, we have been working hard for a couple of weeks now to try and bring maybe one or two new faces in but at the moment they are not presenting themselves or they're not available or don't want to come.

"We'll just keep working hard over the weekend now and see if we may be able to change one or two before Tuesday."