Thursday, July 27, 2017

Three Players Took Knocks Last Night

Three Hereford players took knocks last night during the game against Cardiff City so manager Peter Beadle will be glad he has a couple of players returning from holiday before the next friendly against Gloucester on Monday.

"Hopefully we have Symons and Dinsley back so it will give us a few more body as there is a bit of strain on the ones at the moment because they are having to play so many minutes.

"Purdie felt his hamstring a little bit, we'll know more tomorrow,

"Macca jarred his ankle when the lad caught him on the edge of the box that will probably take 24 to 48 hours to settle down. Hopefully by Monday he should be okay but we'll see.

"Reffell I think he's fine, it was just a kick.

"I think outside of that it's just the usual stuff.

"But Purds and Macca are our two main concerns at the minute. Purds with his hamstring and obviously he's not getting any younger it will take a bit longer to recover for him.

"Macca the same, he just jarred his ankle. He said he felt it last season so there's already a weakness there. Hopefully it will settle down and he'll be fine."