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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sharpness Around Box Missing Admits Beadle

Despite having lots of possession Hereford could only score one goal in this afternoon's pre-season friendly at Wellington, a fact which was noted by manager Peter Beadle in his interview with the local media afterwards.

However Beadle felt it had been a useful afternoon.

"Another good workout, really good workout.

"Lots of things to work on which we know, it's pre-season.

"I thought first half we had loads of possession, some half chances but the tempo was to slow. We didn't move the ball quite quick enough.

"Obvious people could see that the balls they use have like a lacquer on them. It's not an excuse but when the ball gets played, as it comes off the floor and it hits the turf it sort of sticks, so it's not the most fluent of ways to play but you're going to get that at the start of the season anyway.

"But also about the timing of a pass, and looking to get in there, it just wasn't quite at the tempo we were looking for today.

"That being said, as per usual we went 1-0 down. They've had that shot on goal and we've had 90% of possession in their half of the pitch but couldn't score.

"If that all we've got to worry about then we're in a good place.

"Periods of play were good but just a bit too slow and we need a little bit more of a cutting edge in their box.

"For some reason we tried to score a prefect goal today when a toe-poke or something would have been just the job.

"The pitch was great, it's not the pitch. The balls we use don't have this really shiny lacquer on them. These ones they use with the stars on them do have it but perhaps the grass was so lush they do tend to stick a bit.

"That's not an excuse but sometimes when it should bounce the lad is just standing on the ball because the ball is not rolling truly.

"I thought we played some good stuff first half without any final finishing it off.

"We spoke at halftime about raising the tempo of the game and doing things a little bit quicker and we did that so that's good.

"The only thing that was missing today was that final bit in the box, that final touch but everything else around that was pretty good.

"I think we limited them to one break which we dealt with. Then they had a free-kick over the bar and the lad hit the shot wide towards the end. So they've had three shots on goal and we've had twenty shots on goal, umpteen corners.

"So during the game the actual possession and play isn't too bad but it that little bit missing towards the end. But that will come with games, that sharpness around the box.

"At the moment it's more fitness work, tempo and things like that.

"There's an art to finishing, Millsy will tell you that, and they just need to get that sharpness, a bit more practice. Then they should be fine."

Keeper Oliver Davies didn't have the greatest of games.

"It's not what did he do that for, he didn't do it on purpose, he's gone to kick it and there was obviously a bobble there and it's just gone over his foot.

"It happens but I was more concerned that we gave the ball away in the middle of the pitch leading up to that.

"We cleared the danger and the ball bounced in front of Keyon. He should have got his body in front of it. He gave it away then we won it back again and Ryan rolled it back and unfortunately these things happen.

"Outside of that one shot, we've looked comfortable throughout the game and we need to add that final little bit. But that's what these games are for.

"Hopefully we will see Lance Smith on Saturday. He's back from holiday on Tuesday or Wednesday. He's missed the first three which is a shame but these are the things you have to put up with.

"He comes back and I think Symons, Green and Dinsley will go away.

"That's why they are playing the minutes now because they'll need the minutes.

"Lance will be back for the Telford game."

Winger Preen took a knock close to half time.

Preen Receiving Treatment From Physio Jonny Evans
"He over-stretched a little bit on Thursday but he's assured us that it's not a strain or he's pulled it, just a little knock there which needs to loosen off.

"When you look at him as a player in just a pair of shorts, he's quite robust, he's quite strong, well defined so the muscle there is quite tight.

"He needs to loosen it off and hopefully he'll be okay for Tuesday."