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Monday, July 10, 2017

Rhys Hopes To Follow Father Gareth

Chairman Jon Hale Presented The 'Junior Prem' Cup To Rhys Davies In May 2016
Rhys Davies who has recently signed terms at Shrewsbury hopes to follow his father Gareth who had a distinguished career in football.

Rhys has played for UITC and Gareth started as an apprentice with Hereford United.

“It will be what I went through only slightly different as Rhys will still have to do education, tied in with football, but we had to do all the crappy jobs, they don’t and are pampered. We did boot cleaning, toilet scrubbing and cutting the grass,”Gareth told the Brecon and Radnor.

“Rhys will go to college one day a week. It is a different world now they teach all the analytical side of the game, individual player development and team develop. Years ago it was crash, bang, wallop with a bit of creativity.”

Gareth had to retire early from the game.

“I did my knee in at 26 and retired at 28 and wasn’t able to play again but I was lucky enough to get a job in football but plenty of ex-footballers never get that opportunity.

“I left school with one GCSE and I’ve made sure Rhys hasn’t made the same mistakes I did. He is also a far better footballer than I ever was and is a left footer.”

Rhys had a two year contract with Cardiff City.

“He left after 12 months as he wasn’t enjoying his football. He had no social life and was forever travelling. He went to Chelsea away and was out of the house for 16 hours. He said ‘Dad, I’m not enjoying this’. I said let’s go back to Hereford.

“He’s had a few clubs interested in him and I encouraged to go to Shrewsbury because of the size of the club and the opportunity to get in the first team at a young age, if he’s good enough – that’s the big question if he’s good enough."

UITC coach Steve Saunders said he was delighted for Rhys.

"His hard work, dedication and willingness to improve over the past seven years with us has paid off. Last season his leadership really stood out and benefited the team. I wish Rhys all the best at Shrewsbury Town where I’m sure his undoubted talent will be developed further.”