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Sunday, July 02, 2017

HUST Welcomed at Supporters' Summit

Richard Tomkins (left) with Supporters Direct CEO, Ashley Brown (right). Pic: HUST.

HUST attended 'Supporters' Summit' over the weekend, and chairman Richard Tomkins said it was heartbreaking hearing stories familiar to Hereford fans.

Hosted by Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters' Federation at the FA's St. George’s Park, 180 representatives from various clubs attended, with discussions and workshops taking place to aid development.

Richard Tomkins said: "To think less than 3 years ago our own football club could have been lost. Now we have taken our place again within the football family. 

"It’s heart breaking to hear stories so familiar to Hereford fan. Some of these stories are of near neighbours of ours. 

"Fortunately, supporters throughout the land are getting better organised and seemingly impossible odds can now often be beaten."