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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

HFC Programme Subscription 2017/18

With thanks for the help of Club Secretary Martin Watson, Ron Parrott is continuing the
programme subscription service for those living away from Hereford or simply for those
who just want guaranteed supply and delivery of home and/or away programmes.

How does it work?

You pay a subscription rate up front at the beginning of the season and this guarantees
your copy of the matchday programme for every home and/or away league game for the
2017/18 season. You no longer have to worry about missing out on a programme or about
collecting it from the Club Shop, they will be despatched to you by post, in batches, after
the game.

The subscription covers league games only. All “specials” (i.e. Friendlies, Cup matches etc.)
are still supplied but they are to be paid for separately and a bill is sent out at the end of the

If you wish to take advantage of this service, please email or fill in the details below and return the form direct to Ron Parrott at:
Auberrow House
Hereford HR4 8AJ

Please ensure that all cheques are made payable to Hereford FC


Telephone No. and email address:

I wish to subscribe to the programme subscription service as follows: -

HOMES: £99 (+£32 extra for overseas clients)*
AWAYS: £89 (+£32 extra for overseas clients)*

TOTAL £ * delete as necessary

I wish/do not wish to receive “Specials” and agree to pay for them at the end of the season.
Please make all cheques payable to “Hereford FC”

Signed: ………………………