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Friday, June 02, 2017

Club Looking For Help With Repairs

Hereford FC are looking for volunteers to help with getting Edgar Street ready for next season.

"Radford’s toilets have been stripped out and are being replastered," said Stadium Director Paul Quarrell.

"We’ll start on the toilet blocks by the Meadow End on Saturday.

"We’ve got a great band of dedicated volunteers already here at Edgar Street that have helped us greatly, but we’re always in need of some extra people to come and assist us in the various jobs that are lined up to be done before we play football again.

"I’ll be here on Saturday from 8am along with some of our valued volunteers to do more work at the ground. I’m especially looking for a professional carpenter this Saturday to hang new doors in Radford’s, and painters to continue the painting work not only in the toilet blocks but also around the ground.

"Should anyone be able to join us on Saturday, please contact the club office or turn up on Saturday via the metal gates on the back of the Blackfriars End. We hope to put in a full day on Saturday, but any time you are able to offer will be much appreciated."