Friday, April 21, 2017

Webb Warns Next Year Will Be More Difficult

Director George Webb Alongside Katie Farmer
Hereford FC commercial director George Webb feels next season won't be as easy as this year but is hopeful that the current good gates will continue to keep the club sustainable.

"It's been a great season," Webb told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"If we had have sat here last year probably in the summer time and you had said we would have won the league at a canter I would have taken that and snapped your hand off.

"Great season, the players have performed, the manager has performed and we're top of the league.

"In some respects I think it was more difficult the first year with Alvechurch on our tails right to the end. They pushed us and pushed us.

"We had a great start to this season. September, October, November, the boys were outstanding. Perhaps we eased off the last bit of the season but we had no one nipping at our heels so we probably eased off the gas a little bit.

"Expectations levels are very, very high and I think the fans still think we are going to breeze through next year. 

"But next year is going to be difficult, higher standards.

"I've watched a couple of games this year and there are some good sides in that league if we are in the Southern Premier.

"I don't think it will be as easy next year and I hope the fans realise that.

"It's great to have another challenge next year, going to different grounds, new grounds, different sides. Again it's going to be a test for us.

"It's all about what happens on the pitch. If it happens on the pitch it's easier off it selling the commercial.

"We've got 150 in for hospitality tomorrow. Commercially it's been very good again this year.

"The club has had some really dark days, we're quite aware of that, we must stay without our means. The sustainability model which we keep talking about. We are not going to spend what we haven't got.

"It's very difficult as we've got many variables like gates.

"It's all based on success really that's the difficult one. We're enjoying great gates at the moment, long may it continue."