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Saturday, April 01, 2017

We Did Enough To Win The Game Said Jenkins

Manager for the day Steve Jenkins spoke to the local media after Hereford's 3-2 win over Wantage.

"It was always going to be difficult after you've put the League to bed," said Jenkins.

"We said to the boys it's all about mental attitude today.

"We didn't have the greatest of starts with the goal we conceeded but we plugged away, fans stayed behind us and pushed us on.

"We got the win in the end and it was fully deserved.

"I think they scored two goals from two mistakes.

"So we must keep our attitude right and finish the season strong.

"I think we've seen in previous games when teams, and Wantage did, put ten men behind the ball in terms of their game plan, sometimes it's difficult to break down because you have got to move the ball quick because there's not a lot of space out their for the boys. 

"Sometimes the two midfielders drop deep to get the ball and then you've got a bit of a gap between them and the two front men. Sometimes they are not easy to break down especially when a team goes 1-0 up as well.

"It's surprising how much of a lift that gives them to hang to but we kept plugging away.

"Possibly our quality wasn't there today but did enough to win the game."

Wantage had to win the game to give them any chance of staying in the league.

"I thought their attitude was spot on as a young group, they gave absolutely everything.

"But we kept probing and plugging and we got our deserves at the end. A game we deserved to win but give Wantage credit that they worked their socks off and did their club proud today in terms of their attitude.

"What do you say about the crowd, they come here in ridiculous numbers. The players are so lucky to play in front of them, the support they give us is absolutely fantastic, I can't say enough about the crowd.

"We are very fortunate to have crowds like this and they've stuck with us all through the season not just for 90 minutes today, they've been brilliant.

"We want to win every game whether it's in the cup or the league, we want to win every game.

"Now we'll just focus towards the next game and the Didcot game has to be replayed so I think it's five League games to go and a Cup final to pay for.

"Questions will be asked about mentality, can they still lift themselves for the games to come. There's still a lot to play for."

Finally a word about Jamie Cuss who needs £10,000 for a knee operation.

"I feel for Jamie, he's a fantastic lad and Hereford supporter.

"The luck that he's had this year, it's sad. 

"He loves this club to death and I came in today and the fund that he's got it's £3500 in a day. Where do you get that. There's not many clubs that will do that. Absolutely fantastic.

"Hopefully now he can get to his target, get it done and get fit again and get playing again.

"He's been at every training session, he comes to games, he loves this club and the fans love him as you can see by their reaction, they're putting their hands in their pockets."