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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Over £800 Raised For Jamie Cuss Yesterday

Simon Wright gave BN an update on how well Hereford supporters helped the Jamie Cuss appeal yesterday.

'Over the decades, I’ve been involved with several serious fundraising efforts yet I can genuinely I’ve never seen such generosity as at Edgar Street yesterday. Over 200 people had already contributed electronically, there was much competition for supporters money .. oh lots of reasons to walk on by but Hereford’s marvellous supporters dug deep. Talking Bull back numbers, Spot the Ball, the Going Down the Pub CD all contributed of course but the bulk of the monies were just simple donations. 

And so many notes – tenners, some twenties, even from people I knew had previously contributed. “It’s Jamie… “ “He’s a local lad…” seemed to be all the justification needed. One donor had a unique reason. “I lost my football career through exactly the same injury. I don’t want someone else to suffer” explained a mature gent, stuffing a note into the bucket and moving away before I could quiz him further.
A total of £691.60 was raised around the stand.  Add in a further £100 raised from the Talking Bull covers on Ebay and today Jamie's Appeal jumped by £812.   Great news indeed. We're all in this venture together  - club and supporters together (hey, we are the club) and together we will reach tha5t target..