Friday, April 28, 2017

Crows At Edgar Street Tomorrow

Royston Town are the visitors to Edgar Street tomorrow for what is described as the 'Champion of Champions' showdown. 

Royston won the Southern League Central title whilst Hereford won the Southern League South and West title.

The game is being played at Edgar Street because Hereford finished with more points than Royston. 

And it does give Hereford a chance to play against a team that will be in the same league as them next season.

It''s uncertain just how much interest there is in tomorrow's game at Edgar Street given Royston supporters who have chosen to travel in their team bus to Hereford tomorrow will pay just £5 for the round trip and as at midweek their bus wasn't full.

As for Hereford supporters, there have been no updates from the club about how sales are going, so it has to be assumed there remains plenty of room in all areas of the ground.

Tickets can be purchased from the club today from 10am to 4pm or online at: