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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wow! Bulls Lotto Rollover Jackpot stands at £20 Million

Wednesday night’s rollover means the Bulls Lotto jackpot has reached an incredible £20 Million. Many more Hereford supporters picked up cash prizes last night, but all eyes will now be on the huge jackpot this weekend.
The next Bulls Lotto draw will be made this coming Saturday, 18th March – with opportunities to win big prizes. Even the 6 number draw paid out just shy of £1 Million on Wednesday.

Saturday’s draw sees a whopping estimated £20 million top pay-out on offer, so why not join and have a chance of winning a life-changing prize. This massive prize makes it one of the biggest jackpots on offer in the UK this weekend.

The latest Lotto Draw took place on Wednesday, 15th March 2017.

Winning numbers were: 07-15-16-25-26-40, plus the Star Number 1.

The Prize Categories:

6 Numbers + Star             £17,597,734.20

6 Numbers                         £889,719.14

5 Numbers                         £2,729.13

4 Numbers                         £35.87

3 Numbers                         £8.62

Star Number                      0.5 Free Lotto

The Lotto always provides fans with two opportunities a week to win huge sums of money in the knowledge all proceeds are donated to the Hereford United Supporters Trust. Remember EVERY PENNY of the minimum 26% (39p) and a maximum of 50% of each Bulls Lotto entry that HUST receives will go to Hereford Football Club.

Prizes are on offer for matching one number or more and it’s easy to enter. Simply click to get started and be in with a chance of winning Saturday’s est. £20 MILLION jackpot.

All of the cash prizes are funded by the Lotto Network.
Enter your lucky numbers by joining here:

If you currently enter other lotteries, why not make Hereford Football Club your “good cause” by entering the Bulls Lotto instead? You can register in less than 60 seconds with entries from £1.50 per draw. The next Bulls Lotto draw is Saturday, 18th March 2017. For more details visit the Bulls Lotto website: