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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Randolph Said His Low Point Was At Hereford

Irish and West Ham goalkeeper Darren Randolph has told the Irish Sun that the low point of his career was at Edgar Street.

He had gone on loan to Hereford United from Charlton but was dropped by Graham Turner hours before an FA Cup tie against Dagenham.

Turner had brought in another keeper namely Matt Murray and then publically criticised Randolph for refusing to play.

In view of the speculation about the absence of Darren Randolph from the team that played against Dagenham & Redbridge in the FA Cup last Saturday, the situation needs to be clarified.

The team, which included Darren, was announced to the players prior to Friday morning’s training.

Two hours before kick-off on Saturday Darren informed me that he had heard we were interested in another goalkeeper therefore he refused to take part in the match.

Had he been a contracted player with us his contract would have been terminated for a serious breach of its terms. However, being on a standard loan the maximum disciplinary action we can take is to fine him two weeks wages.

Darren has to remain our player until January but it is unlikely that he will play for us again.
"At the time I did what was best for me," said Randolph.

"I felt that I’d been treated wrongly. I felt like I was wasting my time being there.

"At the time, whoever questioned my professionalism was obviously hurt because they didn’t get their way.

"I haven’t had a similar situation since and I’ve been playing professional football since I was 16.

"I think one incident in 13 years isn’t too bad. I don’t think my professionalism can be that bad."