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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Performance Was Solid Said Beadle

After this afternoon's goal-less draw at Bideford, Peter Beadle gave his thoughts on the game.

"It was a battle, it was always going to be, " said the Hereford manager.

"They are a very close-knit group here. Obviously it's a long way to travel so they are very close as a group. They work really hard for one another and Shaun (the manager) has got them really well organised.

"But they've been together a little while as well. You look at their team and it hasn't changed much over two or three seasons. So there's that familarity with them as well.

"So it was always going to be tough but I thought first half we were really good without creating any real clear cut chances.

"We've played really well, dominated the game. They never had anything that caused us any real problems.

"And it was important we maintained that second half and we did that and had some chances to finish it off but it wasn't our day. But the performanceI though was realy good.

John Mills had a decent chance near the end when one on one with the Bideford keeper.

"Luck of the dice, it dropped to him in the penalty spot, one on one with the keeper. Nine times out of ten he would have put it in the net but today it wasn't to be.

"Pablo had a great chance when he cut in on his right so we've had some really good chances second half.

"They got themselves in the game a little bit, had a couple of half chances, one when the lad got clean through and Clayton got back and covered it.

"But for the most part I thought we dominated the game. The performance was really good, really solid just lacking a bit of quality in the final third.

"In the end we ground out a couple of really good chances and on another day they would have gone in but today they didn't.

"But a point gained, another one on the board and we move on to next week."

Beadle was asked about the pitch given there had been quite a lot of rain on it earlier in the week.

"It's not that bad, we've played on worse this year.

"We knew it would be the type of game with more of a battle, hard work but we did that as we did last week and the week before.

"We've put some good solid performances in and today we didn't have the luck.

"Last week we had a bit of luck with the second goal, today we didn't really have any. John had a great chance, Pablo had a great chance, we've had a few bits around the box which haven't quite come off, haven't connected, Joel's strike in the first half,  Mark had his head on it who knows where that was going.

"Lots of ifs and buts but the performance was solid, we kept them to very miminal.

"If you look at their results over the season, especially at home, they've been very strong at home. I don't think they've lost in the last seven so they are a strong side.

"I thought we edged it in performance but we didn't have that little bit to finish it off today."

At the end Bideford supporters celebrated as though they had won the match.

"We've used to that. That's what we get wherever we go when someone take points off us, Didcot at home when they took points. it was like they had won the game.

"That doesn't faze me and shouldn't faze the players. We know what we need to do, we need to keep performing as we are. If we perform like that between now and the end of the season the points will soon get racked up and on the board.

"It wasn't an easy place to come and I'm really pleased with what they've done today. On another day we could have walked away with three points, but we've taken a point and that's not a poor thing anyway."