Saturday, March 11, 2017

Handbags After The Game At Bideford

There was a slight confrontation between supporters after the final whistle at Bideford this afternoon.

In essence some Bideford fans, aided by some who, allegedly, support Plymouth, moved towards a group of Hereford fans and one or two scuffles broke out.

It was soon broken up by stewards.

Afterwards Hereford FC posted a short statement.

'Hereford FC are aware of the incident that took place in the terrace following the final whistle today.

Having spoken to officials who witnessed the incident we would like to thank our supporters for showing restraint when provoked.

We are aware that several supporters in particular stepped in to calm the situation, and we would like to praise their actions.'

And  This from Tony Jones: 'I was in charge of the small security team at today's match. I can confirm that Hereford fc fans behaved impeccably and are a credit to your club.

A representative for Devon F.A agreed with me and will highlight this in his report to the F.A.'

Here's a video from Hereford supporter Graham Johnson: 

Here's a few pictures of the trouble - they are in order.

Bideford 'Supporters' Come Towards Hereford Supporters

Several Of Them Try And 'Engage' Hereford Supporters

The Bideford 'Crew' Back Off And Appear To Regroup

Then Try To Stir Up More Trouble

Hereford Supporters Don't Want To Get Involved

More Provocation From Bideford Supporters

Bideford Players Arrive

Man In Grey And Black Jersey Trys To Provoke More Trouble

A Small Child In Distress - All Because Of The Actions Of A Few Bideford 'Supporters'

One Of The Bideford 'Supporters' 

Steward Escorts Two Bideford 'Supporters' Away