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Sunday, March 26, 2017

It Couldn't Have Gone Any Better Said Beadle

Peter Beadle And Physio Jonny Evans
In his post match press conference after yesterday's 4-0 win at Salisbury, Hereford manager Peter Beadle felt his side had been 'really good today'.

"We spoke last week about starting well after North Leigh and making sure everyone knew what their responsibilties were today and to go about your business," said Beadle.

"We knew it would be a tough game and I thought we should have scored before we scored.

"But to score so early and follow it up with a second and a third was perfect. It couldn't have gone any better for us.

"I spoke to the players before, it was less about tactics, more about look you know we are where we are for a reason and although it's never spoken about when you are in the changing room or to the press and that but I do feel we have been the best team in the League this season.

"For me, because I work with them all week, I think we have the best group of players and what they've achieved this season so far has been magnificent and like I said to them lets not leave it to others, lets go and do what we need to do, you know what needs to be done, and I thought they did that today.

"I thought they were focused, really positive about the way they played and once we got 3-0 up it was a case of coming out second half and making sure we kept them quiet for ten minutes and then we got the fourth and that was brilliant for us.

"I'm proud of all of them, always have been from day one. The one thing I've always asked for is when they put the shirt on they wear it with pride, they play properly, because it is an honour to be here, it is a priviledge to play for this football club and it's priviledge to manage it.

"They've done that with abundance this year. To be where we are after 36 games and only have one defeat and to have won the League now I think is credit to the players.

"We work hard behind the scenes, me and Steve and Roger and Jonny, extremely hard behind the scenes.

"But we don't play any games, they play the games week in week out home and away, they've been superb, we knew today was going to be tough, we knew they had a few injuries but it was still going to be tough.

"But when we went two or three up you started to see a little bit of doubt in their minds.

"With the two games going they way they went it couldn't be any better, before the game I said I don't want to rely on others, let's win today and lets's take it and win it at home. It would be nice to win it at home, we won it away from home last year, but if we had won it today, which we have done, I'm not going to be fussy about it!"

Interviewed by Keith Hall, Beadle was asked about waiting for the other scores to come in.

"I've learnt over a long career that you can never take anything for granted as we found out a few years ago at Aldershot. If they had broken away and scored a goal all those celebrations are out of the window.

"It was important we didn't do that. Then Martin gave us the confirmation it was all over and then it's time to enjoy it.

"The players have been absolutely fantastic including those who are not here anymore and those who have recently joined us have all played a huge part in moving this club forward again. It will keep revolving, it will keep getting bigger and that's our ambition to make sure the club keeps moving forward."

Hall asked if there was a ruling that players have to play a certain number of games to get a medal?

"I don't know you had best ask Statto (Martin Watson) behind us who will know that. I think if that is the case the club would always do the right thing which is everyone who has played a part in this season, like last year, will get a medal because they earned it. They've played a part in this football club moving forward and achieveing something very special.

"Two promotions back to back is a great achievement for the football club, not only for the players and ourselves.

"We do get the best of everybody every single week so when we've won something like this I know that we've earnt it because we do get the best of everybody every single week no matter home or away.

"So the players have had to deal with that all through the season and they've done it and I couldn't be more proud of them."

Hall said it was a shame that there were not more Hereford fans here to see it.

"The fans were spectactular, they always are when they travel away from home and at home. Away more so because a lot of places we go, they probably get out-numbered fanwise today but you would never have guessed that. But obviously because of the start we had, but they would have been like that even if we were one down, two down.

"They've been like that all season, spectactular.

"You would like to shake every one of them by the hand one by one to thank them for all the effort they have put into getting across the South West of the country to get to the games to support us with the passion they do. If that's not possible then hopefully through this and through you guys I'd like to thank them as well for being pheonominal this year.

"I think they understand how tough it is to play here, the expectations on the players, I think they understand that. You can tell that sometimes when we are under the cosh they get right behind the players and they've been fantastic.

"So to them a big thank you as well and then obviously my staff they have been spectactular all season.

"You can't do it on your own, you need a team effort, we're the model of a team effort from everybody, our staff, our players, our families travelling all across the world, the country, the world that's in Europe next year!

"It's emotional, a year ago this week we were here last weekend and my little girl was born on the Monday so she's a year old this week so it's all fallen into place.

"It's been a fantastic weekend so far and I'm really looking forward to the last six games and seeing players play with even less inhibition and being able to really express themselves because we can."

Will you get the Trophy next weekend?

"I don't know ask Mr Southern League over there, he'll tell you.

"I think the people need to embrace it because, like I said, to do what we have done is two seasons has been nothing short of spectactular. I'm using that word a lot but it is spectactular.

"Two promotions back to back and no disrespect to the Midland League, it was a real tough League for lots of different reasons. There were three or four really good sides in there and this year we've come up another division so we've got more good teams in this league and again they've all raised their game when they've played us or we've gone to them, their big day if you like, and we don't disrespect that, we've been very respectful to everybody we've played.

"So it is a huge, huge achievement and one that I'm extremely proud of and the players will be extremely proud of when it finally sinks in I think next week, when we get there next week.

"I'd like to think there will be a bumper crowd there and it will be a party atmosphere and so it should be because the players have been absolutely superb."