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Sunday, March 05, 2017

How Events Unfolded At Didcot Yesterday

Radio Hereford FC was broadcasting live from Didcot when there was trouble at yesterday's game.

Below is a transcript.

'There are two or three fans on the pitch, one of them is trying to rile  up the goal-keeper who doesn't need much riling, the players are going over to get involved as well now.

'There was one Hereford fan on the pitch who incited the goalkeeper who didn't need inviting twice to respond.

'A lot of Didcot players have joined in now, now Hereford players have tried to go over to calm things down.

'Steve Jenkins is over there, Roger Lloyd is over there, substitutes are over there and who knows how this might end.

'Whoever that is who is being arrested now by the two police officers I have kept an eye on him in the second half.

'He's been giving the goal keeper some gip all afternoon.

'Ballard is all over Haysham

'Are they walking off, the Didcot players are walking off.

'There's head to head between lots of players, not too sure what is going on, it's all kicked off.

'I think everyone is making their way, I think the Hereford players are trying to make the point. Didcot players are trying to walk off the pitch, Hereford players won't let them walk off the pitch.

'And it's all kicking off again between players, the Didcot players and the Hereford fans.

'It is all out of control. Hereford players trying to push the Didcot players back and calm things down.' 

Later Radio Hereford's Keith Hall spoke to Trevor Owens of BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"Symons looked to have scored the winner then supporters ran on the pitch. That goaded the Didcot players.

"In embarrassing scenes the Didcot players started fighting the Hereford supporters away to my left.

"There were a couple of arrests down below us.

"The referee eventually took the players off the field of play. We have had official confirmation that this game has been abandoned.

"We don't feel the scoreline will stay as a result so the game will have to be replayed and there could be further problems for Hereford in terms of maybe points deductions if the FA deem to take action against Hereford.

"Very embarrassing scences down here in front of us as the players were coming off the field of play.

"I'm not sure how many arrests were made. Certainly the one fan who had ran onto the pitch and  confronted the goalkeeper basically started the incident.

"It was not good to see the Didcot player filing in one by one into a big melee to make matters worse but it's probably one of the most embarrassing scenes I've seen at a football match in the last fourty years.

"The result we don't think will stand and we'll have to do all over again.

"We have identified one supporter who has been banned from Edgar Street who is actually here down below us in quite embarrassing scenes."