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Monday, March 06, 2017

Didcot Has To Take Some Responsibilty Said Quinn

Earlier this morning BBC Hereford and Worcester had an item about Saturday's 'trouble' at Didcot where the game against Hereford was abandoned.

They spoke to Hereford supporter Matt Quinn who was at the game.

"To start with I'm not going to condone anything that happened at the match on Saturday.

"I do feel it has been blown out of proportion somewhat.

"As you said we should be talking this morning about a great victory but sadly we are not as it has been overshadowed by a few people who went onto the pitch.

"And it was only a few people.

"I read reports from one of your fellow BBC journalists that there were hundreds of people involved, sixty year olds fighting, women fighting, men fighting. It's just not right.

"We did score a late winner. A few over excited fans went onto the pitch. Three, maybe four went onto the pitch and they celebrated in front of the keeper to try and wind him up and it certainly worked. They backed off a little bit, another individual I believe pushed the keeper which then started a massive melee between the Didcot players and said fans.

"I'm not going to condone anything that happened but I do feel it was blown out of all proportion.

"Had it been 2-1 to Didcot their players wouldn't have wanted to walk off the pitch, they would have wanted the game to continue."

BBC: The referee took the players off the pitch for safety reasons?

"Allegedly, I'm not sure what safety reasons there were at that time. There were no fans on the pitch, the players were in the middle of the pitch.

"It was their manager, it looked to me, who was walking off the pitch.

"I'm not going to condone anything that happened on Saturday but I do feel it has been blown out of all proportion.

"When you are reading statements from officials of one of the clubs that actually says there were hundreds of people involved, the club has got to take a bit of responsibility here.

"There was a clear sign outside their club saying there was no alcohol to be taken inside their ground and yet they are selling bottles of lager at £3 a throw in their tea-room.

"There are lots of things you can say. Ultimately yes those fans should not have gone on the pitch but the other club here has to take a little bit of responsibilty as well."