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Monday, March 20, 2017

Club Statement: Hereford Won't Pay for Policing at Salisbury

In an article published on the official site this evening, Hereford have confirmed that despite being asked by Salisbury, they won't pay for additional security on Saturday.

According to the statement, Salisbury initially asked the Bulls to foot a £2,500 policing bill for the game at the Ray Mac.

But chairman Ken Kinnersley, along with commercial director George Webb, told Salisbury this wouldn't be possible.

The statement reads: "Salisbury FC have informed us the system has been implemented to avoid a £2,500 Policing bill for the fixture. 

"Salisbury FC initially asked Hereford FC to pay this bill, and have also made a request that we pay for extra stewarding at the game.

"Hereford FC officials have advised Salisbury that, for good reasons, we cannot consider paying for security arrangements for away matches where the security and safety of all supporters is the sole responsibility of the host club and not the visitors."

The club also reiterated that the match is strictly all-ticket, with tickets only being sold to season ticket holders.

The statement also said: "Hereford FC have put forward a number of alternative proposals, including taking bookings through our online system to secure details of all purchasers, but these have been declined."

Ticket sales continue on Wednesday 10am-4pm from the club.