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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Proverbial Game Of Two Halves Said Beadle

Mike Symons Scored Hereford's Second Goal
In his postmatch press conference, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle felt last night's 3-3 draw at North Leigh was 'the proverbial game of two halves'.

"I said to the players at half time that we hadn't played that badly and we had found ourselves 3-0 down but they had had three shots, the third one took a deflection, awful mistake for the second one, poor defending for the first one. They took their chances.

"We hadn't played that badly and what we needed to do was be more clinical in the final third and stop trying to be so pretty at the back. Sometimes you have to put your foot through it. We want to play the right way but sometimes you can't, you've just got to defend properly.

"I said to them if you get the first goal, they will get nervous especially with the slope and then if you can get another one who knows and in the end we could have won or just nicked it or quite easily have won the game."

Beadle brought on John Mills and Jimmy Oates.

"Ryan is not as dynamic as Jimmy and we just felt bringing on that side  and get him up and down the touchline so we'd got more attackers on the pitch.

"I didn't think Mark or Jamie had done anything wrong, they hadn't played badly. But we needed a bit more impetus especially down the slope. And it worked today.

"The character the players show every week it astounds me it really does. With the expectation the football club has and to go in 3-0 down, a lot of players would have crumbled and folded but they didn't, they rolled their sleeves up.

"I said to now is the time to stick together through the second half, play the same game, play as you have done but be a bit more clinical in the final third and see where we go.

"And if we get one, they'll start to get nervous and it proved to be the case. In the end with a bit more quality we could have nicked it."