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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Four Match Ban For Haysham?

Pablo Haysham With His Hand On His Head Whilst Jamie Edge Holds Back A Leigh Player

Hereford FC's Pablo Haysham could face a four match ban after being sent off at North Leigh last night. North Leigh also had a player red carded.

"I thought Pablo's was harsh," said manager Peter Beadle 

"I thought it was a yellow card and I thought their one was deserved a red because you can't run thirty yards and grab someone by the hair.

"There's nothing we can do about it really.

"The referee said to me that he thought Pablo's was two-footed. I don't think it was two-footed, I had a good view of it.

"I thought he was weak tonight spent too much time talking to the players when the ball went out of play, not assert himself but trying to get his point across.

"He doesn't have to, just referee the game, referee it as you see it.

"Too much time talking to them, too much time talking to us and our team.
Peter Beadle TalkingTo The Referee After The Final Whistle

"Obviously if it were a Premier League game with all the cameras I'd like to see it again.

"I thought it was harsh. Yes he has over-run it, yes he lunged but he wasn't off the floor, he was always in control and he got the ball. The lad has kicked it and it sounds and looks worse than it actually is.

"For me I think he's been dealt with harshly"

How long a ban?

"I'm not sure.

"Because it's his second one, it was two games the first time around, it could be a four.

"It's a shame because he's a fantastic player.

"The first one, the first sending off he got we thought was harsh so we'll have to take it on the chin and get on with it."