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Monday, November 28, 2016

Who Will Be Hereford's New Chairman?

Hereford FC are set to appoint a new chairman after Jon Hale quit last month. The matter is expected to be discussed at this evening's club board meeting.

In truth Hale will be a hard act to follow. He led the new club from day one and helped ensure it got off to the best of starts. He was particularily good with the media.

Currently vice-chairman Chris Williams is in charge but it's thought he might not have the time to be chairman.

On the forums there has been speculation that director George Webb may take over from Hale. However BN understands that is unlikely.

The name of CEO Ken Kinnersley has also been mentioned on the forums. Whether Kinnersley would want the job isn't immediately known.

It's also believed Mick Langford has been approached to take on the chairmanship. His business background, financial knowledge and media skills would tick many of the qualities required. 

There again it's quite feasible a new chairman could be an outsider. The benefactors may have already come up with a name which the board would almost certainly ratify. They could appoint such a person anytime and then announce he is to be chairman at the AGM on December 14th.

Currently the six HFC board members are Chris Williams, Martin Watson, George Webb, Phil Eynon, Mike Cole and Michael Langford.

Williams, Watson and Langford are the HUST members.