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Monday, November 28, 2016

Another First For A Hereford Team

Mike Symons Scored Two Of Hereford's Goals Last Saturday
Last Saturday Hereford scored five goals in the first half playing towards the Blackfriars End.

BN asked Hereford historian Ron Parrott if this was another record for a 'Hereford' club.

"What a cracking question!" said Ron.
" I’ve really had to dig into my records for this one and yes, you’re right........ this is yet another record for Hereford FC! Never before have Hereford been 5-0 up at half-time with the score remaining the same after 90 minutes.
"However, I can come really close to it because in 1955/56 we were 6-1 up at half-time against Dartford in a Southern League fixture in a game that also ended 6-1. 
"Over the course of our history, there have actually been 17 occasions when we have scored 5 or more goals in the first half but on 16 of these occasions we have gone on to add more after the break."