Friday, November 25, 2016

We Just Wanted An Explanation From Davies Said Beadle

In an interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle has spoken about his disappointment in not having an explanation from former winger Adam Davies about why the player wanted to leave Edgar Street.

"We worked really hard to get him to come in," said Beadle.

"He was here less than three weeks from the time he got his clearance until the time he decided he wanted to move and we've had no contact from him.

"He sent Steve a text message a week ago last Thursday. We've tried contacting him several times since then but with no joy.

"He doesn't want to pick up the phone, he doesn't want to explain himself. He put an explanation in the text which unfortunately I don't believe. If that's the case why did he come in the first place.

"He knew what the demands were to be with us. He's trying to say it was something different which I find hard to believe.

"I don't want him to stay, I'm not going to try and talk him around. But I think the right thing to do would be to ring the manager and explain the reasons why.

"Every player I've had here who has moved on the season has done that. I'm not an unapproachable person and they've discussed their reasons why they felt they should move on.

"For some reason Adam doesn't want to do that. Send a text message and think that is good enough. I don't believe that is good enough.

"There's no bad feeling, if Adam doesn't want to be here that's his choice.

"We don't want to lose good players and Adam is a very good player but he's made his mind up. He's played his last game.

"Steve worked extremely hard to get him here.

"That's the way some modern day footballers are like, I wouldn't have done it back in the day.

"If he goes back to Merthyr and plays there we wish him all the best there."