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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Perfect Professional Performance Said Beadle

Peter Beadle
Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle spoke to the media after this afternoon's 4-0 victory at Bridgwater.

"I was satified throughout. I thought we had a great start, 2-0 up in sixteen minutes, apart from a couple of little things at the back, centre halves need to sharpen up a little bit but other than that I thought we dominated the game, controlled possession.

"First half had enough chances to havbe won the game by the half time and then second half, had a great start to the second half scoring as early as we did.

"We've always talked about that third being the killer goal and it means we could relax a little bit and we did that.

"Again even after that we could have scored a couple more.

"Perfect professional performance, I thought it was great.

"But always can we be even more clinical in the box.

"They were not half chances, they were good chances. Sooner or later those chances are going to have to go in because we create so many.

"Today it was a good performance against a good side. They are young and inexperienced but full of energy. Craig has got them well set up and they never gave in so to be as convincing as we were I'm really pleased.

"The pitch was lively. We knew it was going to be like that and sometimes we have to win the game in the end. It can't always be free-flowing, sometimes we have to play to the conditions as we did last year. We have to change a little bit. We did go back to front a little bit quicker today than in a while but we did it with a bit more quality thjan we've done in a long while as well.

"There were decent balls in the channels, decent balls to the front two and it looked good and it was lively.

"Sometimes we can't play through the middle of the park because we can't trust the pitch, it's not because we don't trust the players, so we have to play a different way."

John Mills came off just before half time after he felt his ham-string.

John Mills Returning To The Dug-Out After Putting Ice On His Ham-String
"I think he just pulled it in one of his runs. I thought he had a great half. His work rate was fantastic, he was doing really well.

"It might settle down tomorrow. We'll wait and see with no game midweek we'll wait and see. It always tough to tell straight after the game,

"We'll wait and see how he is Monday or Tuesday and then we'll have a much better idea of how long he is going to be. The fact that he has come off straight away after feeling it, hopefully that we have done him so good.

"He had some ice on it straight away and hopefully that will help him."

Clayton Fortune took a knock close to full-time.

"He's fine. It was in the corner when the lad wrestled him and kicked the corner flag. I think he just rolled his ankle a little bit.

"He's got great experience to manage his game and manage any injury through it.

"We've got a week now to recover and get ready for Saturday."

Adam Davies wasn't in the squad this afternoon. Joel Edwards took his place. Was there any news about Davies?

"No, not at the moment. Just a change and we move on from there."