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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Beadle Delighted With New Defensive Partnership

Hereford FC have two new central defenders, Clayton Fortune and Mark Preece. Yesterday was their second game.

"The whole back four was fantastic," said manager Peter Beadle.

"They are big and strong and bring much experience along side Ryan and it gives Ryan a little bit of a rest as I think Ryan was bearing a lot of the burden of playing centre half with the likes of Chris and Jamie.

"Obviously being the more experienced defender with them two players particularily who are learning the game, I think he felt a lot of burden on his shoulders.

"So those two coming in takes a bit of pressure off him, he doesn't feel he has to be the main man.

"Clayton especially, I thought they had a good game and were solid, nicked things and toed things away and also distributed the ball quite well.

"So we are delighted they have settled in quickly. I think the more games they play the better they will be.

"I know that watching them both and speaking to them both they are enjoying being here at the moment."

Yesterday's win over Shortwood was the first double of the season and was even better as no goals were conceeded in either match.

"They are a decent side. Alex has put together a decent side.

"I know they are small in numbers but they are deep in strength and quality.

"Both games have been tough."

Finally Beadle clarified why Alex Harris was in goal yesterday. Martin Horsell's name was on the team sheets given to the local press.

"It wasn't a late change, Martin is injured.

"Martin took a bang on his shoulder last Saturday right at the end and he has struggled this week.

"We knew on Wednesday he probably wasn't going to be right so Alex was always going to play today."