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Saturday, October 29, 2016

WATCH - Hereford United Documentary from 1999

Thank you to Ian Smith for providing me with the footage.

Graham Turner became the majority shareholder of Hereford United in June 1998. This programme was originally screened on the 25th February 1999. The main focus of the story is the struggles Graham Turner and Company Secretary Joan Fennessey faced after they took over the club from Peter Hill. At the time relocation from Edgar Street was on the agenda, as the club owed over £1 Million to developers.

HUISA were busy raising money to keep the club afloat, and as you see in the footage a shock 3-2 FA Cup defeat to Newport IOW was a huge financial blow for the clubs coffers.

The squad at the time featured Ian Wright, Matt Clarke,Tony James, Richard Leadbeater, Chris Lane, Paul Fewings, Stuart Evans, Garry Cook Richard Walker, John Snape, Keith Downing, Gavin Mahon, Mark Taylor,Andy Quy, Paul Parry, Ian Rodgerson and Gavin Williams , and who remembers Wayne Dyer, Matt Cross, Mark Druce, and Kevin Collins, there are also quite a few familiar faces featured in this documentary, as well as a number of supporters who are sadly no longer with us.