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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Two Players Debuts Last Night

Calvin Dinsley made his debut for Hereford last night as did Jamie Molyneux.

"I thought he (Dinsley) did great, " said manager Peter Beadle

"It's always difficult when you come in. It was the first time he had met the players. He hasn't trained with us.

"And Jamie, for both of them to come in and do what they did tonight was great. Hopefully the both of them will only get better once they intergrate with the team properly and they get training with us and get to understand the players and the way they play. Each individual is a little bit different

"Hopefully in the next week or ten days they will have settled down, have some training and they'll get better. But I thought they looked great tonight when they came on.

Alan Davies is awaiting international clearance.

"It's always difficult with international clearance. You could be waiting a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Hopefully with the transfer window closed in Wales means we might get a decent result with it and get him pretty quickly. Hopefully he'll be available for Saturday.

"He brings a bit of knowledge, he's only 22, he's been at Cardiff so he has been well schooled. I think he's worked his way up through the ranks. I think he went to Llanelli with Jenks and Monmouth with Jenks so he has worked his way up and then he's been at Merthyr for the last two/three seasons.

"He was their player of the year last year. He can play both sides at full back and as we get to an interesting time of year when Jimmy has been injuried, Rob played tonight with a bit of a knock that's why he came off, he's done great to get the minutes he did tonight. Barks has got his hamstring. We are covering our backs a little bit.

"He'll bring versatility, he's a very good footballer and a very good defender. You don't become player of the year at Merthyr as a full back unless you've had a particularily good season so we know we've got a quality player on our hands.

"It was fanastic to have Oates back in the squad tonight, as soon as he came on everyone had a bit of a lift. It's just the way he plays with his enthusiasm and his drive and his passion.

"He was a little bit rusty on a couple of crosses, he overhit them, but he's been out for a couple of weeks now. It nice to have him back and hopefully he's had no problems tonight and he'll be okay for Saturday."