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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Police Comment On Incidents At Salisbury

There were a number of incidents which came to the attention of the police during and after this afternoon's game at Salisbury.

In one a young male supporter was taken to hospital after he was understood to have been in a collision with the car.

Afterwards Sgt Dave Whitby, who was in charge of policing today at the game, spoke about what he knew.

"This was a catagory police free game on risk assessment and we've come down just to have a look as this is the biggest fixture of the season so far.

"We've had a couple of incidents.

"We've had a smoke grenade has been let off in the away beer tent presumably by an away supporter from Hereford. That caused breathing difficulities for a couple of other Hereford supporters.

"Subsequent to that a Hereford supporter aged 16 has been identified as having a smoke grenade on him and has been taken away, initially arrested and subsequently de-arrested pending further investigation around his possession of that article.

"At the end of the fixture there's been a road traffic accident between a Hereford supporter walking out of the ground and a supporter who was driving a vehicle.

"That injury is a lower leg injury, I understand it's a broken bone of the supporter who was knocked over and injured. He's been taken to Salisbury District Hospital for further treatment.

"From the policing prospective I saw it and from my standpoint it was a 50/50 traffic accident. There was no excessive speed. It was one of those things that can happen when there is a cross over of vehicles.

"We will obviously provide some feed back to the club here and our observations to see if there's anything that can be done in the future."

The policeman also said that details would be passed to the Hereford police about the incidents.

Meanwhile during the second half of the game a shirt was thrown onto the pitch by a Hereford supporter. The referee appeared to see this happen and stopped the game whilst he spoke to security.

It's understood the person who threw the shirt was identified.

Finally Hereford FC chairman Jon Hale has tweeted:  heartfelt best wishes to the young fan knocked down by a car after the game. Thinking of you 

Both CEO Ken Kinnersley and manager Peter Beadle went to see the injured supporters before he left the ground in an ambulance.