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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Hereford Supporters Reputation Noted By Wimborne

The fact that a tiny minority of Hereford supporters have caused trouble at away games recently has been noted by Wimborne supporters on their forum.

Events yesterday at Salisbury will not have helped.

Hereford travel to Wimborne next Saturday.

Here's one view:

I know we are hoping for a bumper crowd for the game next Saturday against Hereford but unfortunately there are a minority of their supporters who have been causing trouble at away games. Their home gate average is an incredible 2,700 and they bring hundreds of fans to away games, so a minority could mean quite a lot of supporters. The main problem seems to be that they arrive drunk before the game. The chances are they will have more supporters than we will at the game.

Hopefully the BoD are aware of this and will take precautions. I would hope there will be a Police presence but I appreciate the club might have to finance that. I am away on business for the AFC Totton game but am hoping to be in attendance for Hereford. I would be a bit worried about bringing family to the game if there is a possibility of  crowd disturbance, drunkeness and bad language. We could do with some re-assurance about it.

And another:

I was speaking to couple if other fans from our league who had already played them at home and apparently there's a few people that think there hooligans and want to start random fights and ruin flags! So please everyone stay safe and keep your eyes to yourself I suppose. Still we will try outsing them though up the magpies!