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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Comments From Claridge

Salisbury manager Steve Claridge spoke to Spire FM after yesterday's win over Hereford in the FA Trophy.

Manager Steve Claridge said: "I think I might start playing again, it's less stressful than what I'm going through here! We started well, then fell into a hole and we were just lifeless. 

"Half time we get in, and I said what we wanted to do. It's always up to me to organise it and there is nobody out there to sort it and get what we want, I have to reiterate which is why we lose games we shouldn't. 
We're 10/10 for 10 minutes then 3/10 for the rest! 

"The crowd were brilliant. That was proper backing and it felt like a league game. Even in the conference the crowd weren't that vocal so it's fantastic!"