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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beadle Pleased With HFA Cup Win

Peter Beadle said he enjoyed this evening's HFA Cup Tie against Wellington.

"Yes, it was good," said the Hereford manager in his post match interview.

"We played some nice stuff, we just wound up the tempo a bit second half. We looked much more in control second half and it was a better game for me to watch.

"The pace was better, it was quicker and we were more comfortable.

"First half we didn't huff and puff and we had lots of possession but never really penetrated so we talked at half time and said if we raised the tempo, get a bit more penetration, the two wide boys to get deliveries into the box and we did that second half.

"As I said it finished 4-0 , a nice performance.

"I thought Wellington did well tonight. They had a couple of chances early on and we thought we were going to have another one when we conceed an early chance and we nearly got punished for it.

"They kept going right to the end as you would expect them to and they made a decent game of it and I just thought second half you could tell we really started to get on top of it then and it was difficult for them to get out.

"But they did great tonight but we probably were too strong for them in the end."

Beadle kept three players from Saturday in the starting XI.

"Joel Edwards, because we are still waiting on the clearance of Adam Davies as he would have played tonight so Joel had to play because we didn't have anyone else to go out there. Jamie Molyneux needed more minutes just to get up to speed, he had a decent 60/70 minutes tonight and Calvin the same. 

"Calvin hasn't played many games recently so again I thought it was good for him to have a bit of a blast tonight in a game we knew we would be fairly comfortable in, it gave him a good chance to play at some sort of tempo. All came through fine so I'm really pleased.

Bradley Williams played the whole 90 minutes.

"You could tell he's rusty as he hasn't played for a few weeks so he was better with the tempo second half. It's always difficult to come here, have a training session with us and then play. I thought he did okay tonight. We'll have a chat on Thursday and see where we go from there."

Youngster Lewis Clarke and Matt McDonald played for 90 minutes and Harry Franklin and Rory Huntbach come on as second half subs.

"It's vitally important they get involved. I've been banging on for years about the talent we have got in Hereford and the outskirts of Hereford and we've seen it again tonight.

"I thought that Matt and Lewis on the right hand side more than coped. Lewis at times lacks a bit of physical presence. He did fine, he very rarely got beat, once in the first half and once over his head in the second half.

"I thought Matt was exceptional tonight. Great feet for Jamie Molyneux's goal and he took his goal exceptionally well.

"And the two that came on, they are only 16 and they slotted straight in."