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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Good Away Solid Performance Said Beadle

At the start of his post-match interview at Winchester, Hereford manager Peter Beadle was asked whether it was a 'question of getting the job done today'

"No it's never a question of getting the job done, we always want to put on a performance, we want to play in the right manner.

"When I thought we had an iffy first ten minutes when we didn't quite get going but after that I thought we totally dominated the second half and it was really nice to watch.

"We put in a good solid performance first half, created a few chances.

Talked second half about making sure we don't let them back into the game by making a mistake ourselves. Came out second half and made a change obviously with the penalty miss. It changed momentum a little bit could have killed the game off. We talked about the importance of a third goal but it wasn't to be today but I thought overall we certainly well deserved the three points, I though we looked solid throughout the game and we moved the ball quite well at times and again we created opportunities to score more than the two we did.

"Yes the pitch was great. It was one of the better ones we've played on so far. It was a bit bobbly underneath and you could see when the balls were popping.

"But the surface was slick and fast and that suits the players we've got because we want to move the ball as fast as we can for chasing it and I think second half, certainly in the last twenty minutes we were. 

"After the penalty we had a ten/fifteen minute spell when we couldn't keep on the ball long enough to keep it but in the last ten minutes I thought we kept it extremely  and probed and John's had another chance, and we had a chance across the goal, we've had a few so on another day like I said we could have come away with a few more but I thought overall a really good away solid performance."

Pablo Haysham
Pablo Haysham was suspended and Ross Staley took his place

"Oh yes, he's suspended. We didn't miss him! We've got quality in the side. Wewere one short on the bench today because all of a sudden we've hit a little patch where obviously we've lost a player in the week, we've had one away, we've picked up a couple of injuries and a suspension.

"But we've shown our  depth again. Chris has done well, Chris had a rock solid game in the centre of defence. 

Ross Staley's Shot Hit The Keeper's Legs
"Ross had a good 55/60 minutes, he's going to find it hard going because he hasn't played that much lately but I thought his contribution was good, I thought he should have scored first half, fantastic touch but he didn't quite finish it off well. He brought something to the game. One of things I've asked him to do a lot lately is to, when he does play, bring something to the team, creating goals or scoring goals. Today he should have scored himself, he had good chances and maybe should have done a bit better with the chance but his performance was good, he was solid like the rest of the team.

Jake Sinclair was unavailable.

"He's gone away, I knew before he came here he was going away but unfortunately we've had one of those weeks where everything has fallen this week, Pablo's suspension, Jamie Cuss's injury, Jake has been away, Aaron has decided to move on. It just been one of thoseweeks.

"We've worked hard to try and bring one or two in but they are going to take a little bit longer to do but come next week Jake will be back, Pabo is still suspended. We'll know about Jamie and Jamie Willets should be okay by next weekend. So we'll have a few more to choose from.

Any approach for Birch, any seven day notice?

"Not an official one. I've spoken to a two clubs who have rang and asked about him but as far as we're aware nothing official.

"I don't know if he turned out today for anybody. His reasons for not coming today like I said I did ask him on Tuesday to stay to this weekend because I knew we were going to be short of numbers which he agreed to and then on Wednesday he rang me up and decided to change his mind. He said if he didn't play this weekend then he would miss a couple of weeks because he can't play in the Cup but like I said we've not heard anything, in fact I tried to call him last night just to double check but we've had nothing from anybody.

"It's not our problem any more. It's someone elses problem now. Arron has moved on. That's his choice. All I was interested in is winning today and a we've got a week to rest and recover as many as we can and look to bring in a couple of bodies for next weekend.

"It may be (okay for the Cup) but they might be cup-tied but the team out there today everyone who played out there today is eligible to play in the Cup next week so we still look pretty strong and Jake can play in the Cup  and he'll be back next week.

"So we are happy where we are at the minute, we are a few short but we are working on it."

Hereford remain top of the table.

"I haven't looked at it yet! In fact my son rang me up in the week and said you've had a great start you're six points clear.  I haven't looked at it yet. 

"Ten games in we take the first look where we are because it means nothing where we are now. We proved that last year. Last year we were probably mid-table and it meant nothing at the end of it so today all I'm interested in is wining the next game.

"It will be a difficult one next week on a difficult surface but we've got to go there and perform and work hard again next week and then hopefully back to the league the following week.

"But we'll see."