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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Bundu And Hartpury College

Mustapha Bundu, who has joined Danish club AGF Aarhus, has been talking about how he came to go to Hartpury College.

"Some of the Craig Bellamy Foundation staff members visited Hartpury and they came back and said that I needed to go there as it is a great pathway to professional football but more importantly a place to get a really good education," he said.

"I could have waited another year to travel Europe and get trials at professional clubs but I asked my parents what they thought and they said I should take the opportunity to come to Hartpury."

Whilst at Hartpury Bundu joined Hereford FC and was scouted by several clubs but because of permit regulations his next club is in Denmark.

"I really enjoyed my time at Hartpury. One of the reasons I chose to come here was because I could also get an education. That is important to me. The whole team have been great and I have been lucky to be a part of a really good squad. We are always helping each other to become better players."