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Friday, August 05, 2016

Totton Hope To Match Hereford Vocally Tomorrow

AFC Totton are hoping that even if Hereford supporters outnumber the home fans, vocally they will be even.

It's thought around 1000 supporters will watch the game. 

Totton manager Steve Hollick has told the Daily Echo that the game 'is a nice one to start with.'

"With Salisbury also coming into the league it’s good to see two big clubs getting back on their feet. 

"Our problems haven’t been as severe but we’re also in a good place now. We don’t want to get carried away but we have a good infrastructure with good people in all positions and a lot of support from the chairman and committee."

It remains unclear how many Hereford supporters will make the trip south.

"It would be good to match them vocally if not numerically."

Meanwhile former Southampton defender Pedro ‘Pele’ Monteiro has joined Totton and is expected to make his league Southern League South and West debut tomorrow.