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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The 'Carrot' Of Hereford Will Motivate Khalsa

The 'carrot' of a possible FA Cup tie against Hereford FC will motivate Sporting Khalsa in their game against Romulus on Saturday according to their manager Ian Rowe.

"It's a big incentive on Saturday that if we are successful against Romulus – which will be tough as they are a division higher than us – then we would be at home to Hereford or Alvechurch," said Rowe as reported by the Walsal Advertiser

"It's a huge carrot and if we win I will be hoping – even though Alvechurch manager Ian Long is a good friend – that Hereford get through because of the people they will bring through the gate."

Khalsa have already defeated Hanley but Rowe appreciates Romulus will be tough opponents.

"Hanley are a tough team to draw to start with, now we have Romulus who are a division above and, if we get through, Alvechurch are as good a Step 5 side as there is in the country and Hereford are probably going to be the best Step 4 side.

"For sides at our level, if you can win two games in the FA Cup, you have done okay and anything more is a bonus.

"We had a great run last year and if we can emulate that, it would be astounding, but we are a decent side and when we are on song I would like to think we can take on anyone from our level or the one above."