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Saturday, July 23, 2016

No Deals For Lawrence And Deakins

In his post match interview with BN, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle was asked about the two trialists Jamal Lawrence and Ben Deakins who were not present this afternoon.

"We let both Jamal and Ben go, well Ben's back to his club. With Jamal we decided not to do anything with him this year for various reasons, I spoke to each of them individually and they were great.

"They trained well and played well and I gave them my reasons why there isn't anything now and they totally understood and they've gone off now and we'll keep looking."

However trialist Joe Phillips did feature again.

"He played again today and he's done great as well. It was tough for him last week as he had been away, then came back and played on the Tuesday and a bit more today.

"We'll speak to him and have a chat with him this week and see what the plan is with him."

Ryan Green remains sidelined.

"I think he's been given the all clear to step up to full training. So that's good.

"However his wife or girl friend is a teacher and they've gone away this week. He wasn't ready to play anyway because he's done no real pre-season as such.

"He had a little tidy up on his knee, a little operation in the summer, a small clean up, a  very small procedure. He had a bit of discomfort there during the season, they went in and just needed a tidy up.

"He's not getting any younger Ryan so he's been MOT'd now and he can go again. So he'll be back in full training when he comes back from holiday. It will give him ten days to get ready for the start of the  season but whether he will be ready or not I don't know.

"But he's a fit lad so hopefully it won't be too long now."

Will he miss not playing against Merthyr next Saturday?

"It's the sort of game he would relish but he's not going to be ready for that one."