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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stamford's Chairman Calls the League Reshuffle 'Shabby'

Following yesterday's news that Evesham were to be moved back to the Southern League, Stamford's reprieve from relegation was subsequently overturned. 
Their chairman Bob Feetham gave the following reaction to their official site.

"This is absolutely devastating. To be told three weeks ago that we were reinstated into the NPL and then to have it all snatched away so long after is absolutely dreadful. 

"For all of us involved with the club be it player, director or supporter it feels like we have been relegated all over again.

"I find it hard to believe that we have been notified only by email and there hasn’t even been a phonecall, by your leave, or an apology from anyone. It is shabby and certainly not the way I would do business.

"I feel so sorry for Graham Drury he has worked immensely hard to bring together a squad which would have done us proud in the NPL. Many of those players, hopefully, will still stay with us. 

"But to have this thrust upon him so late by such total inefficiency is a disgrace. I also note that we have no right of appeal. Some democracy!

"However, I guess we will all now have to pull our shoulders back and get on with it. That is the way of our particular part of this world!"