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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Evesham Chairman Feels No Sympathy for Cinderford

Evesham chairman Jim Cockerton has said that he was 'over the moon' when it was announced that Hereford and Salisbury would be in the same league as the Robins.

But after they were moved to the Northern League, Evesham appealed the move and have since been moved back to the Southern League Division One South and West.

"It’s such a relief that the matter has been resolved and we look forward to our 24th consecutive season in the Southern League," Cockerton told the Worcester News.

"We did our homework and knew the rules of the competition had not been applied properly and that was the basis of our successful appeal to the FA.

"When the make-up of the league was originally announced we were over the moon that Hereford and Salisbury were in it with us.

"If those clubs are both going well and we are going well, we could be looking at a potential sell-out for those  two home matches and, financially, benefit from combined profit of £15,000 to £20,000.

"I don’t feel any sympathy for them (Cinderford) for what they have put us through and they now must get on with things."