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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wembley Won't Worry Ronaldo

Ronaldo At Edgar Street Earlier This Month
Ronaldo is off to Wembley on Sunday. The Hereford Bull is due to make an appearance at the FA Vase final around 11.15am.

Weighing over a tonne, he is looked after by Tom Manns, farm manager for owners Weston Cider.

"The fans of Hereford FC just love him," Manns told BBC Five Live.

"We taken him twice this season to Edgar Street and the crowd just clapped him all the way around and they've taken him on board as their mascot.

"He is very placid for a Bull.

"He seems to bring good luck for Hereford.

"For a club that was down in the doldrums by the end of last season, started a new club and for the four people who put the money in, it's been a successful season and I just hope it carries on next season as well.

"He will be walking from the one corner of Hereford up to the half way line because the area by where the substitutes sit it wouldn't be wide enough for him without going on the grass. Obviously he mustn't go on the pitch.

"When he has been at local shows like the Three Counties at Malvern, he's been in front of bigger crowds when they've been on the parade so we wouldn't take him if anything was going to upset him.

"He just loves it. When we take him to Hereford, I know the crowd will be different at Wembley, he just pricks hs ears up. Photographs he just loves it. All the cameras that have been this week he's just took it in his stride.

"Having a mascot is a thing Hereford have always been known for and it's all good for the county because we had the football that was nearly finished last season and the racecourse was closed, now everything has come back to life in Hereford. It's good for the county."

Finally why is he called Ronaldo?

"The people we bought him off, the owner his late brother died suddenly. His name was Ronald so they called him Ronaldo.

"Every week you have a different letter, prefix and that year it was R."